Manually encrypt a computer using BitLocker (method via GUI) Windows 11 or Windows 10

Manually encrypt a computer using BitLocker (method via Graphical User Interface (GUI)) in Windows 11 or Windows 10

If for some other reason the recommended command-line method of encryption does not work, you can also encrypt a computer with BitLocker using the GUI.

  1. Right click on your C drive and click select “Turn on BitLocker”. This will start the BitLocker wizard.
  2. On the first page, select “Let BitLocker automatically unlock my drive”. This way, BitLocker encryption is completely transparent for the user.
  3. You need to save the recovery key. Select “Save to a file”, and browse to a network share or external disk drive. It is impossible to save the file to the C drive. Please use the computer name as filename (for example, computername.txt) when saving it.
  4. When you have saved the file, click Next to continue.
  5. Choose how much of the drive you want to encrypt:

> “Encrypt used disk space only”: Fine for new PCs
> “Encrypt entire drive”: Preferably encrypt the entire drive for PCs which are already in use and have a lot of data on them

6. Choose the “New encryption mode”:

7. Make sure you check the “Run BitLocker system check”, and click on “Continue” to start:

8. A reboot is required:

9. After the reboot, you can monitor the encryption process. The computer is ready to use while it is being encrypted.


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