What’s new in Microsoft Intune

What’s new in Microsoft Intune

App management

Update Android Company Portal and Intune apps for custom notifications

Microsoft have made service side updates to custom notifications for Intune’s November (2111) service release which require users to have updated to recent versions of the Android Company Portal (version 5.0.5291.0, released in October 2021) or Android Intune app (version 2021.09.04, released in September 2021) for the best user experience. If users do not update prior to Intune’s November (2111) service release and they are sent a custom notification, they will instead receive a notification telling them to update their app to view the notification. Once they update their app, they will see the message sent by your organization in the Notifications section in the app.

Device management

Locations deprecated for Android device administrator

As previously announced in October 2021, support for using locations in device compliance policy for devices enrolled as Android device administrator was deprecated. Use of locations is often referred to as network fencing.

For Android device administrator, the policies and dependences that relied on network fence capabilities no longer function. As previously announced, we are re-envisioning support for network fencing and will share more information about those plans when it becomes available.

Device security

Security Management with Defender for Endpoint (public preview)

This feature is in public preview and will roll out to tenants gradually over the next few weeks. You can confirm your tenant has received this capability when the relevant toggles show in both the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Security Management with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a new configuration channel you use to manage the security configuration for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) on devices that do not enroll into Microsoft Endpoint Manager. With this scenario, it’s Defender for Endpoint on a device that retrieves, enforces, and reports on the policies for MDE that you deploy from Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The devices are joined to your Azure AD and are also visible in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center alongside other devices you manage with Intune and Configuration Manager.

Device security

MFA changes to Windows Autopilot Enrollment flow

To improve the baseline security for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), we changed Azure AD behaviour for multifactor authentication (MFA) during device registration. Previously, if a user completed MFA as part of their device registration, the MFA claim was carried over to the user state after registration was complete. Going forward, the MFA claim is not preserved after registration and users will be prompted to redo MFA for any apps that require MFA by policy


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