How to create a group in Microsoft Intune to manage users

How to create a group in Microsoft Intune to manage users

In this quickstart, you will use Intune to create a group based on an existing user. Groups are used to manage your users and control your employees’ access to your company resources. These resources can be part of your company’s intranet or can be external resources, such as SharePoint sites, SaaS apps, or web apps.


Sign in to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center as a Global administrator or an Intune Service administrator. If you’ve created an Intune trial subscription, the account you created the subscription with is the Global administrator.


Create a group

1. Once you’ve opened the Microsoft Endpoint Manager, select Groups > New group.

2. In the Group type dropdown box, select Security.

3. In the Group name field, enter the name for the new group (for example, Sales).


4. Add a Group description for the group.

5. Set the Membership type to Assigned.

6. Under Members, select the link and add one or more members for the group from the list.

7. Click Select > Create.

Once you have successfully created the group, it will appear in the list of All groups.


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