Apple stops selling product in Russia

Apple stops selling product in Russia

Apple stops selling all its products in Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Previously, the apps of state-controlled media also disappeared from the App Store.


In a statement, Apple expressed deep concern about Russia’s war against Ukraine and said it is doing everything it can to support its people in the region.

At the same time, all exports to Russia are stopped. Apple Pay and other services will also be discontinued. The App Store itself will continue to function, but the likes of RT News and Sputnik News, two government-controlled media outlets, are no longer available outside of Russia.

This means that you can no longer buy an iPhone from Russia, although existing devices will continue to work. But also, for example, music service Apple Music no longer works.

In recent days, several companies have acted by limiting their presence in Russia or suspending services. Similarly, Google Pay no longer works in the Moscow metro. Chipmakers AMD and Intel currently stop supplying chips used for military purposes. Although some of those actions are also simply related to US sanctions, which simply prohibit US companies from doing business with Russia, like certain embargoes against China, or specifically against Huawei that have been in place for several years.


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