Fix – Software center can not be loaded | How to resolve software center not responding

Fix – Software center can not be loaded | How to resolve software center not responding

If you using software center to download software working with a company, you may receive the below Error Message.

Software center can not be loaded. There is a problem loading the required components for software Center. You can try launching Software Center at a later time. If the problem continues, you can contact your helpdesk.

To resolve this problem, perform the following action:

  1. From the following location C:\windows\ccm\ccmrepair.exe, run ccrmrepair.exe as other user with your admin account to repair software center. If you receive an error message like access is denied. Try the following
  2. Open PowerShell as Administrator and navigate to the folder C:\Windows\ccm\ and start ccmrepair.exe
  3. If repair did not solve the problem, uninstall Software Center and reinstall it back.
  4. To uninstall Software Center, Open PowerShell or CMD as administrator.
  5. Navigate to C:Windows\ccmsetup and enter ccmsetup.exe /uninstall. This will take some time to uninstall. Wait for 5 minutes or check Task Manager to confirm if the uninstall have been completed. Check Control Panel to make sure Configuration manager have been removed.
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. To reinstall Software Center, navigate to C:Windows\Setup and enter ccmsetup.exe /install to reinstall Software Center.
  8. After the installation check Control Panel if Configuration Manager is now available.
  9. Restart your device and verify if you can now download software from Software Center.

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